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Music for Ages 3-9

Northeast Iowa School of Muisc offers a wide range of programs for children.

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Lollipops & Music for Our Preschoolers

Free Monthly Children's Concert Series






Northeast Iowa School of Music offers a special concert series just for kids! Lollipops & Music for Our Preschoolers (L&MOP) is a monthly concert series that exposes children to a variety of musical styles and instruments. One Saturday per month, October through April, a different performer will present a free mini-concert. Children leave with a greater appreciation of music and a lollipop!

All Concerts:
Saturdays, 10:00-10:30AM
Carnegie Stout Public Library, Dubuque
Free Admission; All Ages Welcome
Sponsored by Drs. Mark Niemer & Yasyn Lee

See L&MOP for the complete schedule.

Music Together®                                                

Fun.  Fabulous.  Uplifting.  Magical.  These are just a few of the ways that parents describe Music Together®.  Each week in Music Together® classrooms around the world, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, big kids - and the grownups who love them! - gather to make music as a community.  Offered at more than 3,000 locations and 40 countries, our early childhood music classes give families with children from birth through age 8 the chance to get in touch with their inner musician and connect with other families.

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Suzuki Violin

Violin instruction for young students

Your child can make beautiful music before learning how to read it! The Suzuki method applies the basic principles of language acquisition to learning music with the mother tongue approach of listening and repeating. Parents learn along with their children in order to aid in at-home practicing. The Suzuki method is more than just teaching a child to play an instrument. It seeks to develop the whole child and help them find the joy of making music! Suzuki private lessons are available for new violin and viola students ages 5 and up. Tuition, registration, and policy information are the same as any private lessons. Instructor Rebecca Geyssens is Suzuki trained.

See Suzuki Strings to learn more

Private Lessons

Learn one-on-one with an instructor

Private lessons are a wonderful way to begin music instruction or improve your skill. No experience or audition is required. Lessons are offered year-round; begin at any time! 

Lessons are available in piano, voice, guitar, and band and orchestra instruments. The appropriate age to begin varies by instrument. We recommend students begin at the following ages:

Piano: 6 and up. Mature children are sometimes ready to begin by age 5.

Voice: 7 and up. Note: Some, but not all, voice teachers caution against beginning serious training (on-going private lessons) before the voice has matured and have minimum age requirements ranging from eleven to fifteen. In addition to regular private lessons, we offer less-intensive options including incorporating voice into piano or guitar lessons, and private lessons in a shorter session, such as over the summer.

Guitar: 8 and up. Exceptions may be made for younger students with permission of the instructor.

Violin or viola: 5 and up. Young students learn to play violin through our Suzuki program, and older students receive traditional instruction.

All Other Instruments: 9 and up. Exceptions may be made for younger students with permission of the instructor.

Learn more about Private Lessons or Browse Faculty by Instrument

Also see: Registration | Tuition | Policies | Calendar | FAQ

Duet Lessons

Learn in a fun atmosphere with a friend.

Duet lessons are a great way to try an instrument, learn the basics, and enjoy learning with a friend. No experience is necessary unless otherwise specified.


After-School Youth Outreach

Off-Site Free or Low-Cost Programs

Northeast Iowa School of Music brings music to children in our community through afterschool programs like guitar classes at the Dream Center in Dubuque. Thanks to our sponsors and partners, these programs are free or low-cost to students.

See After School Youth for current opportunities.


Work with Professional Musicians


Concerts & Events

Children are welcome in the audience for Northeast Iowa School of Music community events and concerts. Inspire your mini-musician with concerts performed by adult musicians, or check out a student recital to see what other kids are doing. Many opportunities are free, and student prices are available for ticketed events.


Scholarship Program

Need-Based Financial Assistance

Northeast Iowa School of Music offers need-based financial assistance for private lessons and duet lessons. Please submit your scholarship application before you plan to register for the program.

Learn more

Why Music?

Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Studies show music and music education can have a profound impact on mental and physical health for students of all ages, like helping kids learn to read!

- A study at the University of California at Irvine demonstrated that young kids who participated in music instruction showed dramatic enhancements in abstract reasoning skills. In fact, researchers have found neural firing patterns that suggest that music may hold the key to higher brain function.

- Research at McGill University in Montreal, Canada showed that grade-school kids who took music lessons scored higher on tests of general and spatial cognitive development, the abilities that form the basis for performance in math and engineering.

- Kids who make music have been shown to get along better with classmates and have fewer discipline problems. More of them get into their preferred colleges, too.

- Playing a musical instrument strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, and kids who study an instrument learn a lot about discipline, dedication and the rewards of hard work.

Learn more about the benefits of music for all ages


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